8-11-17 KMFAP and Femeraid Netherlands and Budokai present on the special needs judo tournament.


KMFAP and Femeraid Netherlands and Budokai Texel were present on Saturday 4 november as a volunteers/sponser on the special needs judo tournament on Island Texel Netherlands. 105 participants were present for (two days ) judo and having fun on the island Texel. The entire organization SNJF was headed by Henk and Inger de Vries.I am realy happy to see and talk to so many national Judo friends.Together we share one great passion: judo.

Nico Waerts ( KMFAP)

Elisabeth Kruger( Femmeraid & Budokai Texel)

G Judo 2017
G-judo 2017
G-judo 2017
G-judo 2017

27-10-2017 KMFAP and Femmeraid Netherlands & Budokai Texel Special Needs Judo


Special Needs Judo Foundation has added an event.
4 november Texel Netherlands Den Burg
Femmeraid Netherlands & Budokai Texel and Holiday Park The krim and more sponsers has collapsed in cooperation with SNJF to re-enter this amazing judo event! Go to http://specialneedsjudo.nl for more information.

More to come


1-06-2017 Mission Statement IBSSA International Anti-Human Trafficking Project

Mission Statement
The IBSSA International Anti-Human Trafficking Project is a private sector international network of business professionals that provide education to government and non-government organizations in the area of human trafficking and serve as a focal point within their geographic area for the collection of open source information pertaining to human trafficking.  Through our collaboration with various government and non-government organizations around the world, our efforts as an international network to combat human trafficking provide valuable assets and information to counter this crime of international concern.



International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world every May 12, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth. You can find information about Florence Nightingale on the Florence Nightingale International Foundation (FNIF) web site and the Girl Child Education.

2017 Report of the humanitarian organisation of Knights of Malta (KMFAP), the FEMERAID International – Budapest Unit’s work in 2016

In 2016 the humanitarian organisation of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, Federation of the Autonomous Priories (KMFAP), the FEMERAID International – Budapest Unit (the Central-Buda Volunteer Civil Protection Association – ÖPVE) paid exceptional attention to pre-conditioning children and youngster, orphans and not-in-family-live boys and girls too.

The association continuously works to raise the awareness of youngsters and town people on disasters, and emergency situations; so the children and adults can gain more information on disasters, disaster response, defence and rescue mechanism, such as first aid, or fire safety. Thanks to our activities their self-safety ability is growing, to be able to react in different emergency situations or to help in the work of the rescuers. They can utilize the learnt mechanism, not only in a disaster situation, but also in the everyday life. The people who take part in our disaster pre-conditioning training can increase his/her own and their environment’s safety.

The association performed the OAD (Orphans Against Disasters) program for kids with special needs. That is for teaching and pre-conditioning the orphans and the not-in-family-live boys and girls. There are a lot of important knowledge in the program, like first aid, fire safety, firefighting, civil protection, and dangers at home.

The education is independent of the physical conditions of the participants. We can help for everybody to improve the safety of his/her life. In 2016 the volunteers of the FEMERAID International – Budapest Unit worked at least 531 work hours in 29 days with teaching and pre-conditioning in the frame of the OAD program. We would like to express our thanks to everyone for the active and devoted work, carried out in the past year!

2017 FNews from Magisterial House concern USA



Dear Knights and Dames,
the Magisterial House would like to inform you all, that on the 11th of February 2017, a Knighthood Ceremony of our Sovereign Order and State took place at the luxurious Trump National Doral Estate, near Miami, Florida, USA.
During the Ceremony, in the presence of numerous Knights and Dames coming from many different countries, 11 new Knights and Dames were knighted.
This Ceremony is an important landmark in the life of our Sovereign Order and State, as it represents the return of KMFAP to the organisation of Knighthood Ceremonies in the USA since the time when HEH Archbishop De Valitch was the Grand Master and Head of the State, more than 25 years ago, and it was possible due to the commitment and competence of both the Organisational Committee and the help of our American Knights and Dames to whom the Magisterial House expresses its gratitude and proudness on their militance.
Report about the ceremony will be published at our website (www.kmfap.net) very soon.

2017 Een goede start voor de eerste gratis Femeraid Nederland (Sociaal / mentale) kickboks sportproject.

Een goede start voor de eerste gratis Femeraid Nederland
(Sociaal / mentale) kickboks sportproject.

Het project: 12 Jeugdigen, jongens én meisjes, kosteloos deel te laten nemen aan een sportactiviteit. Doel is dat ze niet buiten de sociaal maatschappelijke (sport) omgeving vallen, om ze zinvol & fysiek/mentaal-gezond bezigheid te laten zijn. Daar, waarbij dit van toepassing is, is de jongere tevens ‘van de straat’. Neveneffect:Jeugdigen van de basisschool kunnen alvast kennismaken met jeugdigen uit het voortgezet onderwijs.Hierdoor zal het vertrouwen van de jeugdigen naar elkaar toenemen.Verder wordt de kans vergroot dat de jeugdigen na deze opstap de weg naar het verenigingsleven weten te vinden.Kickboksen zorgt voor kracht en uithoudingsvermogen.Maar kickboksen biedt nog veel meer. Naast een uitlaatklep voor een teveel aan (negatieve) energie leren jeugdigen hun grenzen te herkennen en te beheersen.Voor jeugdigen die het doelwit zijn van pesterijen vormt kickboksen een goede basis om de algemene weerbaarheid te versterken.Met grote dank aan de sponsers Texel Fonds, Femeraid Nederland, De Sportshop Texel, Dame Janny Vreugdenhil en StayFit & Budokai Texel die dit project mogelijk hebben gemaakt.
Super bedankt voor jullie inzet.
Nico Waerts

2017 The latest news social sport project from Femeraid Netherlands.

We are very pleased to announce that it has signed a new sponsor Texel Fonds for the sport project Femeraid Netherlands. Femeraid Netherlands is very grateful for this contribution.
The sportproject starts on March 9 2017.
The partners in this project are:
-Texel Fonds
– Team Femeraid Netherlands
– Stayfit & Budokai (Den Burg)
– De sportshop (Den Burg)
And a special thanks to Dame Janny for her contribution in this project.

Nico Waerts (KM)
Director Femeraid Netherlands
Prior of the Netherlands KMFAP