Dutch members IBSSA skills

Only the Dutch members who have received a training from IBSSA.
Listed are as a dutch  IBSSA member? Send a copy of your certificates and we will put you name and e-mail on the list.

If you want to contact or for further information with members of  the Dutch IBSSA list then e-mail to (private and security reasons) n.waerts@gmail.com.

Ms.Ilva Tweebeeke
IBSSA 2012 : Special Security Training.
IBSSA 2013 : International Special Security Training.

Mr. Robert ZORGE
IBSSA Assistant Instructor of Security Driving
Diploma Number 00075
IBSA Assistant Instructor of Body Search
Diploma Number 00076
IBSSA Assistant Instructor of VIP Protection
Diploma Number 00090

IBSSA Assistant Instructor of VIP Protection
Diploma Number 00089
IBSSA Instructor of Security and Protection Sciences
Diploma Number 00111
IBSSA Teacher of Self Defence
Diploma Number 00135

Mr. Nico Waerts 03043 IBSSA NR
IBSSA Krav Maga Instructor
5e Dan Kyokushin
4e dan kyokushin all round fighting
3e dan Karate jitsu
1e dan karate jutsu
Kickboks Instructor A

Assistant Instructor of Bomb-disposal techniques
Diploma Number 00157

Mr. Maarten DUIJN
Senior Teacher of Security and Threats
Diploma Number 00143