2019-04: Disability Sports IBSSA & ISF and Femeraid Netherlands

Saturday 13-04-2019
IBSSA & ISF and Femeraid Netherlands and StayFit & Budokai Texel  visited the Prisma group around twenty people between 10 and 20 years old from Amsterdam.
Prisma Foundation is an organization that works for children and the elderly with a disability so that they can also enjoy sports. In collaboration with the Johan kruif foundation.
The volunteers of Femeraid Netherlands and IBSSA & ISF.
Elizabeth Kruger, Joëlle Hin, and Nico Waerts (KM) had set up an adapted introduction lesson from Judo and Fitness.
It was a very successful afternoon, all participants had a lot of fun and sweat.
Also with the volunteers 🙂
A big thank  to all volunteers for your efforts.
On behalf of Stayfit Texel, Budokai Texel, IBSSA & ISF and
Femeraid the Netherlands.
IBSSA &ISF    General Secretary  Nico Waerts (KM)