2019-10: Foundation aangehaakt

12-10-2019 Femmeraid Netherlands
Last Saturday Budokai Texel had a special boxing training
The special boxing lesson for 10 people was led by Kees landvreugd.
this project was in collaboration with; Femmeraid Netherlands and Budokai Texel & Stayfit Texel, Kees Landvreugd and Hans van Vooren.
And not to mention our special guest from japan Mr. Nagata 2e dan Kyokushin.
Proceeds from this training 360 euro will go to the foundation aangehaakt
The goal of the Aangehaakt Foundation is to help, guide and support people with a disability who are not eligible for assistance. This may include matters such as adaptations to the (living) environment and mobility, but also with support in care and development.
We thank all athletes, trainers, sponsors who have participated in this very interesting boxing training.
Nico Waerts (KMFAP)
Femmeraid Netherlands