2018-7 Report Nico Waerts(KM) benefit of charity budo day Wakai Ryu Aiki Jutsu group

Rhoon, The Netherlands
July 2 – 2018

For the 10th time the yearly Budo Day of the Wakai Ryu Aiki Jutsu group, affiliated with W.C.R. in Rhoon, was held. This day, full of different martial arts, is always entirely for the benefit of charity. This year the amount of € 1000, – for MS ( Multiple sclerosis) Research Foundation was exceeded.

Despite the hot weather the attendance was high. Women and men trained from 13.00 to 17.00 hours during the various workshops. The day started with a surprise guest: Hans de Jong, 8th dan Jiu Jutsu, from Australia, who spontaneously gave a workshop.
Shihan Nico Waerts General secretary from IBSSA & ISF 5th dan Kyokushin karate from Texel gave a workshop kyokushin all round, a mix from kyokushin karate, ju-jitsu and judo.
Cees de Jongh (IBA) , 8th dan Aiki Jutsu and Shihan of the Wakai Ryu group and Bart Hagen, 7th dan Kyokushinkai Karate, completed the afternoon program. Martijn Bogaerts, 4th dan Aiki Jutsu and MS patient gave lessons too. He showed us, that with right breathing techniques and little effort by using the strength of the opponent, Aiki Jutsu is a beautiful sport to practice, even for MS patients. This day has been very successful, despite the incredible high temperature in the dojo.

And of course, the day ended as all budo days: Eating! A delicious BBQ outside, especially in the shade…

For me it was also a reunion. It is nice to train and speak with colleagues all over the country and we had a lot of fun.

My compliments for the organization

Nico waerts(KM)
General secretary IBSSA & ISF