20-11-16 Femeraid What do you do from your heart?”

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Concern KMFAP & Femeraid.

What do you do from your heart?”

From the demand acts Femraid Texel. Sunday initiator Nico Waerts (KM) organized an introductory meeting with specially invited people in his gym in Den Burg.Femraid Texel covers Femraid Netherlands, which in turn is part of the “Federation of Autonomous priories of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta (KMFAP).” This knighthood has branches all over the world and the approach is very different. KMFAP (and Femeraid) is a global organization that connects people and members and facilitate their humanitarian contributions, local or national. “The Texel role will therefore be very different in a country where humanitarian conditions are different. But on Texel is plenty to do. You can think of undertaking activities with the elderly, a” buddie “for a family or person because it just is not going so well, or helping a fugitive when filling out a form, “Nico Waerts said during the meeting.The strength lies, according to Waerts, in the network. Therefore, he tries to surround himself with people from all different fields, such as accounting, health care and youth work. The people he invited are enthusiastic about the plans. “Let’s say that everyone knows thirty people and those people know again thirty people. This creates a huge network”, said one of those present. “This really was an introductory meeting. Soon we come together for concrete plans,” Waerts explains. The gym owner already raised various charities in the past. He was among others involved in the launch of VIP Sports Foundation, the foundation around Larissa Klaassen. Because of his fame abroad, especially through the defense training, he was nominated as a knight of KMFAP. “A great honor, which also brings obligations. I am very happy doing this and don’t see it as an obligation. The people I’ve approached do this also on a voluntary basis.” More about Femraid is available at https://www.kmfap.nl/.