2018 Femmeraid Texel and The dutch Boat Foundation report from Mrs Hetty van Dijk

Dear ladies and gentlemen, please pay attention to this short report from Mrs Hetty van Dijk a member of Femmeraid Texel and The dutch Boat Foundation the Netherlands. let me express my gratitude to Hetty van Dijk for her commitment in lesbos greece.
Nico waerts (KM) Director Femeraid Netherlands
In 2017 the Dutch Boat Refugee Foundation (BRF) gave me the opportunity to work as their medical coordinator on the Greek island of Lesbos. It was my long term wish to work abroad for a NGO, but only after my retirement I found time and courage to do this job.
BRF provided medical aid in three camps at the island, mostly at night time. As Greek authorities slowly took over these activities, BRF decided to end their medical mission by January 1st , 2018.
As a medical coordinator I was responsible for the safety and well-being of the volunteers, who came from all over the world. The doctors and nurses should be introduced to the other members of the team and to the medical team protocol. They should find their place in the volunteer house and some of them should be trained to drive at the right side of the street and be comfortable with a gear box. The medical know how and skills from all those medics differed a lot and due to the principle of equality their activities should smoothly harmonize with the average treatment of a Greek patient. A continuing challenge with every volunteer!
During my stay at Lesbos the number of new arriving refugees increased tremendously. Other NGO’s provided first aid and dry clothes at the beaches, but after that everyone had to be transported to the so called first reception, Moria camp, described by the pope as a concentration camp. The camp is originally meant to harbour 2000 people, but with around 100 or more new arrivals per day, the number rose quickly to a 6000. You can imagine that all logistic lines did not work properly or not at all, not to mention sanitation, waste collection, food distribution and indeed access to health care.
Ideally the medical team consisted of two doctors and a nurse, but we also needed one or two crowd controllers. Not only for registration but mainly to calm down and regulate the flow of impatient and not seldom unwilling patients. That was a hell of a job for the non-medic crowd controllers, especially after the disappearance of the first reception medical check. The Greek organization who was responsible, could not handle those numbers of new arrivals. So many very sick and disabled people came to our cabin and asked for help. 100 patients or more seen by my doctors at night were no exception.
There were lots of tensions in the camp. We estimated that around 80% of all refugees in the camp had severe psychological problems. There were also different tribes, who slammed regularly, as they did in their homelands. Alcohol abuse was another cause for fights and due to safety and security reasons the medical team had to evacuate regularly. We stayed outside the camp until it was safe enough to return, but sometimes it was not. On returning people came to apologize for the behaviour of their fellow citizens.
Medical care without speaking each others language is hardly possible, so we needed translators. We had no professional translators available, so we asked patients to bring their own, but we could not do our job without the help of refugees who volunteered to translate. For many of them this was also a heavy duty, as they were traumatized themselves and now had to deal with horrible stories of torture, rape and grief of other people. This was also a hard part for our medics as the stories went beyond our imagination. Most volunteers volunteered for 2-3 weeks. For all of them times were enervating and some of them called it a life changing experience. Many have a wish to return. The situation in the camp is still more than horrible, medics seldom are able to provide the necessary help. The local situation is difficult as well, the hospital is overwhelmed and understaffed. There is hardly transport to the mainland as the whole asylum procedure should be take place on the island, which can take months or years. The refugees or people of concern, which is their official title, are trapped under the most inhuman conditions.
The good things are the locals, who suffer from pain due to financial crisis and the loss of tourism on the island. Many of them open their hearts and sometimes their houses for the refugees. They create possibilities for showering or provide a hot meal. Of course local economy does take advantage of the presence of thousands of volunteers from all over the world. Volunteers rent cars, houses, buy souvenirs and eat local dishes. The common goal generates a team spirit I never met before. And we needed each other to stay afloat, with all misery and inhumanity around us. Working with refugees for so long (6 months) under such hard conditions does not leave you untouched. On coming home I longed for my friends and family, although I could hardly explain to them where I had gone through. And the silly thing is: I want to go back…….
As long as the situation is that bad and as long as it is easy to make a little difference in somebody’s life, I feel the drive to spread humanity in inhumane camps and love to Europe’s forgotten guests. Don’t expect gratefulness: most people are so traumatized and desperate (or drunk), they have no idea of volunteering and see us as part of the system. Be happy with the things YOU can DO.
Hetty van Dijk
Member Femeraid Team Texel Netherlands

2018 Good cooperation between the two teams Femeraid en IBSSA

21- 01-18 Femeraid Texel team & IBSSA successfully
concernd for a woman with children
A stalker has burned down her garden hause two times. And he threatened her several times. Fortunately, it became a police case. The women dit not return to her garden because the stalker is still free.
She is still very scared. The problem is she must clean and dig the garden for the new owner.
We secured her safety (IBSSA) and we dig the 100 square meters with a few volunteers (Femeraid)
Job done
Good cooperation between the two teams
Femeraid Netherlands & IBSSA and volunteers
KMFAP The Netherlands

Season’s Greetings from the Grand Master and Lieutenant General of Knights of Malta (KMFAP)

Merry Christmas to all Dames and Knights!

His Eminent Highness Jose, Prince
Grand Master and Head of the State

H.G. Prof. George Popper

Lieutenant General of Knights of Malta

Dear Knights and Dames of our Sovereign Order and State,

CHRISTMAS, all over the World, is much more than only a religious celebration, it became a Family Festivity regardless of the Religion of each one.

Christmas is a season of Love, and of Family Gathering and the gifts that we exchange are nothing but the token of our feelings of Love and of Friendship.

Many of us tend to pay more importance to material values than to the spiritual ones, therefore I would like to underline that what matters is not WHAT is under the Christmas Tree, or over the Table of the Family Supper, no, what really matters is WHO is around the Tree and sitting around the Table, therefore, in my personal name, in the name of my family and on behalf of all members and of the Government of our Sovereign Order and of our State, I come to wish to our Knights and Dames a Family Festivity full of Peace and Love, an occasion when all your friends and beloved ones may be present, either around the Tree or at the Table, and, if not, that they may be present in your hearts and in your memory.

One more year – 2017 – is almost finished. During this year, our Sovereign Order and our State succeeded in important achievements both in our Humanitarian Work and in the Diplomatic field, besides a remarkable growth in our implantation worldwide, so I seize this occasion to express my deepest gratitude to all our Knights and Dames, for one more year of undeniable Friendship, Brotherhood, Commitment and Support.

The NEW YEAR is always the dawn of one year of Hope and as Hillary DePiano said “We all get the exact same 365 days. The only difference is what we do with them.” So I come to wish to all that you may in the coming 365 days do great things, great for yourselves and for the others, great for the Peace and for protecting the Environment of our World, which is the house of all of us and of our Family. I wish that, again, in the coming year you may feel the pleasure of having and the happiness of sharing what you have with those who need. I wish you much health and no better words could express my wishes than the beautiful poem by D. Simone:

“May Light always surround you;
Hope kindle and rebound you.
May your Hurts turn to Healing;
Your Heart Embrace Feeling.
May Wounds become Wisdom;
Every Kindness a Prism. May Laughter infect you;
Your Passion resurrect you.
May Goodness inspire your deepest desires.
Through all that you reach for,
May your arms never Tire.

27-10-2017 KMFAP and Femmeraid Netherlands & Budokai Texel Special Needs Judo


Special Needs Judo Foundation has added an event.
4 november Texel Netherlands Den Burg
Femmeraid Netherlands & Budokai Texel and Holiday Park The krim and more sponsers has collapsed in cooperation with SNJF to re-enter this amazing judo event! Go to http://specialneedsjudo.nl for more information.

More to come



International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world every May 12, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth. You can find information about Florence Nightingale on the Florence Nightingale International Foundation (FNIF) web site and the Girl Child Education.

2017 Report of the humanitarian organisation of Knights of Malta (KMFAP), the FEMERAID International – Budapest Unit’s work in 2016

In 2016 the humanitarian organisation of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, Federation of the Autonomous Priories (KMFAP), the FEMERAID International – Budapest Unit (the Central-Buda Volunteer Civil Protection Association – ÖPVE) paid exceptional attention to pre-conditioning children and youngster, orphans and not-in-family-live boys and girls too.

The association continuously works to raise the awareness of youngsters and town people on disasters, and emergency situations; so the children and adults can gain more information on disasters, disaster response, defence and rescue mechanism, such as first aid, or fire safety. Thanks to our activities their self-safety ability is growing, to be able to react in different emergency situations or to help in the work of the rescuers. They can utilize the learnt mechanism, not only in a disaster situation, but also in the everyday life. The people who take part in our disaster pre-conditioning training can increase his/her own and their environment’s safety.

The association performed the OAD (Orphans Against Disasters) program for kids with special needs. That is for teaching and pre-conditioning the orphans and the not-in-family-live boys and girls. There are a lot of important knowledge in the program, like first aid, fire safety, firefighting, civil protection, and dangers at home.

The education is independent of the physical conditions of the participants. We can help for everybody to improve the safety of his/her life. In 2016 the volunteers of the FEMERAID International – Budapest Unit worked at least 531 work hours in 29 days with teaching and pre-conditioning in the frame of the OAD program. We would like to express our thanks to everyone for the active and devoted work, carried out in the past year!

2017 Een goede start voor de eerste gratis Femeraid Nederland (Sociaal / mentale) kickboks sportproject.

Een goede start voor de eerste gratis Femeraid Nederland
(Sociaal / mentale) kickboks sportproject.

Het project: 12 Jeugdigen, jongens én meisjes, kosteloos deel te laten nemen aan een sportactiviteit. Doel is dat ze niet buiten de sociaal maatschappelijke (sport) omgeving vallen, om ze zinvol & fysiek/mentaal-gezond bezigheid te laten zijn. Daar, waarbij dit van toepassing is, is de jongere tevens ‘van de straat’. Neveneffect:Jeugdigen van de basisschool kunnen alvast kennismaken met jeugdigen uit het voortgezet onderwijs.Hierdoor zal het vertrouwen van de jeugdigen naar elkaar toenemen.Verder wordt de kans vergroot dat de jeugdigen na deze opstap de weg naar het verenigingsleven weten te vinden.Kickboksen zorgt voor kracht en uithoudingsvermogen.Maar kickboksen biedt nog veel meer. Naast een uitlaatklep voor een teveel aan (negatieve) energie leren jeugdigen hun grenzen te herkennen en te beheersen.Voor jeugdigen die het doelwit zijn van pesterijen vormt kickboksen een goede basis om de algemene weerbaarheid te versterken.Met grote dank aan de sponsers Texel Fonds, Femeraid Nederland, De Sportshop Texel, Dame Janny Vreugdenhil en StayFit & Budokai Texel die dit project mogelijk hebben gemaakt.
Super bedankt voor jullie inzet.
Nico Waerts

2017 The latest news social sport project from Femeraid Netherlands.

We are very pleased to announce that it has signed a new sponsor Texel Fonds for the sport project Femeraid Netherlands. Femeraid Netherlands is very grateful for this contribution.
The sportproject starts on March 9 2017.
The partners in this project are:
-Texel Fonds
– Team Femeraid Netherlands
– Stayfit & Budokai (Den Burg)
– De sportshop (Den Burg)
And a special thanks to Dame Janny for her contribution in this project.

Nico Waerts (KM)
Director Femeraid Netherlands
Prior of the Netherlands KMFAP