2018-11:Investure St John’s Co-Cathedral Malta Part 1

Investure 2018-11 Malta
Looking for the roots of the order.
St John’s Co-Cathedral (Maltese: Kon-Katidral ta’ San Ġwann) is a Roman Catholic co-cathedral in Valletta, Malta, dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. It was built by the Order of St. John between 1572 and 1577, having been commissioned by Grand Master Jean de la Cassière as the Conventual Church of Saint John (Maltese: Knisja Konventwali ta’ San Ġwann).
The church was designed by the Maltese architect Girolamo Cassar, who designed several of the more prominent buildings in Valletta. In the 17th century, its interior was redecorated in the Baroque style by Mattia Preti and other artists. The interior of the church is considered to be one of the finest examples of high Baroque architecture in Europe.


2018-6: Solemn investiture of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, Federation of the Autonomous Priories (KMFAP)

Between the 15-16 June 2018 a n the beautiful Chateau Belá, in Slovakia, co-organised by the Hungarian and the Slovak Grand Priories. It was the 14th time that the Order had its knighting ceremony in the “Most Romantic Chateau of Europe” (2013), attended by postulants and guests coming from 25 countries (Slovakia, Hungary, Portugal, USA, Angola, Malta, Czech Republic, Turkey, Germany, Macedonia, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Benin, Ukraine, Congo-Brazzaville, France, Sierra Leone, Laos, Thailand, Montenegro, Sao Tome and Principe) of 4 continents (Europe, Asia, Africa and America).

Day of Honour: 15th June 2018

The so-called “Day of Honour”, dedicated to the Postulants by the General Chapter of Knights, was held on Friday in the Conference Room of the Chateau, in the presence of the members of our Order. This event contained:
– Meeting with the highest leaders and the members of the Order
– Presentation of a historic survey of the Order and summary about its multifaceted activity, focusing on the humanitarian work and foreign relations
– Introducing the postulants by their godfathers or godmothers
– Handing over the Postulant Diplomas and the Code of Chivalry.

Sir Werner Tewes from Germany – Knight of Cyprus, Founder and President of Hall of Fame of Martial Arts Europe – used this special occasion to present to H.G. Sir George Popper the title “Honorary President” of the Hall of Fame.

The 2-hour General Chapter of Knights meeting was followed by an ancient and very intimate knightly tradition, inherited from our great predecessors: The Watch of Arms, when the postulants got acquainted with the symbols, they will receive while being knighted, the customs and rules of the knights that they have to respect and preserve, by meditating on their future after this important event in their life.

In the evening a celebratory Gala Banquet awaited the attendees with joyful music. The delicious menu was prepared by the new chef and his staff of the Restaurant in Chateau Belá.

After marching in of the postulants, the knights and dames, the high officers, entering of flags and knighting swords, and listening of the Anthems of Slovakia, Hungary and the Order of Malta, the audience was greeted by the Grand Master, Prince José, with special attention to the guest of honour: H.E. Rodolphe Adada, Ambassador of the Republic of Congo to France and the high-ranking delegation of CSLI, headed by H.E. Senator Wolfgang Steinhardt, President of Lazarus Union, Grandmaster of the Knighthood of Honour of the CSLI from Austria.

n Perpetuam Rei Memoriam:
Remembering the knights who passed away – Sir Pavol Christov, Knight of Malta (Slovakia) and the owner of Chateau Bela, Ilona Elisabeth Gabrielle Gräfin von Krockow, also praying for the recovery of our ill members, and this time we could listen Pie Jesu, composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, performed by Lady Lívia Ághova, famous soprano of the Prague Opera.

Than we proceeded to Several Acts:
– Most Rev. Monsignore Fabio Fabbri, Prelate of His Holiness the Pope, Magisterial Chaplain of the Order, Member of the Board of Religious Counsellors and Interfaith Pluralism, Grand Prior of the Italian Langue handed over the Blessing of Pope Francis to the Grand Master, Prince José and his Family.- H.E. Senator Wolfgang Steinhardt (Knight Commander of Cyprus) was awarded with the “Gold Star with Diamonds” of the Sovereign Order of Cyprus.
– Sir Fra. Pavol Zemko, King of Arms of the Magisterial House and Lady Ivona Matúsova presented to H.G. Prof. George Popper and his family the official Registration of the Coat of Arms of the Popper Family and the Act of Nobility by the Slovak Heraldic Council and the Ministry of Interior of Slovakia.
– The “Grand Cross of Security” awards of the Order of Security were given to the following Members of the CSLI leadership: Chev. Ludwig Brunner, Chev. Oliver Gruber-Lavin, Chev. Josef-Maria Gebel, and Chev. Werner Winkelhofer.

Lady Lívia Ághova – by singing Tosca’s prayer with her outstanding voice – was able to touch our souls and prepare the postulants for the coming investiture.

This time eighteen worthy candidates were admitted to the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta and one postulant to the Sovereign Order of Cyprus, from 12 countries, under their merits and human qualities, on the recommendation of 2 Knights or Dames, as their godfathers and godmothers. The knighting ceremony was administered by H.M.E.H. Prince José, the Grand Master of KMFAP and the Lieutenant General H.G. George Popper, assisted by the Master of Ceremony, Sir Peter Stangl and many other Knights and Dames, who did their best this time again.
According to our traditions the Grand Master gives awards of advancements of ranks and incentives to those members who deserve it with their outstanding work for the benefit of the Order and helping the needy to make a difference.
At the end of the ceremony the Speaker expressed gratitude on behalf of the supreme leaders of the Order and conveyed sincere congratulations to the knights and dames, who contributed with their devoted work to the success of the 35th investiture held in excellent cooperation of the Slovak and Hungarian Grand Priories.

After the group-photo session in the beautiful park of the Chateau and before heading to Budapest, the knights, the investees and the guests were invited for a lunch.


The 2-day-event was topped by the 23rd Ball of Knights and Bodyguards at the Ballroom of Hotel Marriott, famous for its breath-taking view on the city of Budapest and the majestic Danube river. We felt privileged and were delighted to welcome the Ambassador of Indonesia, the Ambassador of the Philippines, the Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Ambassador of Moldova, the Ambassador of the Republic of Congo to France, the Honorary Consul of Gambia in Hungary and many other high ranking guests, who accepted our invitation to our event.

After the official opening of the Ball by the hosts, H.G. George Popper and Prince José, a cake cutting ceremony took place at the podium. By this we intended to commemorate a decisive historic event occurred in the long history of the Knights of Saint John. 220 years ago – as it was written on the top of our delicious brand cake, which is the favourite of our knights, made by Café Művész – in 1798 the French Army lead by Napoleon invaded Malta, and the Knights of Saint John were expulsed from their island, their state, their home, that they ruled for 268 glorious years, building a well organised and well-functioning state with all institutions, gaining by this the admiration of the whole world.
By this tragic event a new chapter of the history of the Knights of Saint John (Knights of Malta) started, and Malta was never returned to the knights.The Maltese Islands (and Tripoli) were granted to the Knights of Saint John in 1530 by Charles V, King of Spain and Holy Roman Emperor, following the loss of Rhodes.

All along the entertaining program the Ball audience applauded the musical performance of the world-famous violin virtuoso Roby Lakatos, awarded with the Gold Medal of Merit of the Knights of Malta (KMFAP) last year.
It was a great evening with nice dinner and music, dancing, other artists’ performances, fancy studio photography session, with the inevitable cigar corner, cocktail bar and with a lot of fun. This unique event with its elaborated details was an extraordinary experience for all participants by leaving deep emotions and unforgettable memory in their hearts.


2018-7 Report Nico Waerts(KM) benefit of charity budo day Wakai Ryu Aiki Jutsu group

Rhoon, The Netherlands
July 2 – 2018

For the 10th time the yearly Budo Day of the Wakai Ryu Aiki Jutsu group, affiliated with W.C.R. in Rhoon, was held. This day, full of different martial arts, is always entirely for the benefit of charity. This year the amount of € 1000, – for MS ( Multiple sclerosis) Research Foundation was exceeded.

Despite the hot weather the attendance was high. Women and men trained from 13.00 to 17.00 hours during the various workshops. The day started with a surprise guest: Hans de Jong, 8th dan Jiu Jutsu, from Australia, who spontaneously gave a workshop.
Shihan Nico Waerts General secretary from IBSSA & ISF 5th dan Kyokushin karate from Texel gave a workshop kyokushin all round, a mix from kyokushin karate, ju-jitsu and judo.
Cees de Jongh (IBA) , 8th dan Aiki Jutsu and Shihan of the Wakai Ryu group and Bart Hagen, 7th dan Kyokushinkai Karate, completed the afternoon program. Martijn Bogaerts, 4th dan Aiki Jutsu and MS patient gave lessons too. He showed us, that with right breathing techniques and little effort by using the strength of the opponent, Aiki Jutsu is a beautiful sport to practice, even for MS patients. This day has been very successful, despite the incredible high temperature in the dojo.

And of course, the day ended as all budo days: Eating! A delicious BBQ outside, especially in the shade…

For me it was also a reunion. It is nice to train and speak with colleagues all over the country and we had a lot of fun.

My compliments for the organization

Nico waerts(KM)
General secretary IBSSA & ISF


2018-6 Veterans Day 30 juni 2018 Netherlands

Veterans Day 30 juni 2018
The Dutch Veterans Day is a national initiative. It is a gift for all Dutch veterans. A tribute to Dutch veterans where recognition and appreciation for veterans is central. That exudes the Veterans Day.
The Netherlands introduced the flower White Carnation as an expression of appreciation for Dutch veterans. The White Carnation is known to the older generation because the late Prince Bernhard had the habit of wearing a white carnation. The White Carnation, however, has a deeper, historical meaning.
This national event is held annually in The Hague on the last Saturday in June.

Our respect goes out to all women/ men and relatives
Nico Waerts (KM)
Prior of the Netherlands.
Director Of Femeraid Netherlands
more on Vetranendag Netherlands

2018 -6 Interview with Sir Károly András Nagy – Minister of Foreign Affairs of KMFAP about the Order, its history and assisting people in need.

This article is published as part of Fridays With MUNPlanet, and its special series dedicated to world politics. The aim of this series is to bring you the analysis of global affairs by the established and upcoming scholars, decision-makers and policy analysts from various world regions. This week, Dr Nagy, Grand Cross Knight of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem Knights of Malta Federation of the Autonomous Priories and the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Government, clarifies the Order, its history and purpose, as well as discusses current issues of global importance.

MUNPlanet: Please be so kind to give us some information about KMFAP, its history and purpose?

– It’s not an easy task to introduce the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem Knights of Malta Federation of the Autonomous Priories. As you can see, even our name is the longest among the sovereign states of the World. We are a direct descendant of the old historical Order of Saint John of Jerusalem – also known as the Hospitaller Knights, or the Knights of Malta, created as an entity in Jerusalem around the year 1040. Let me also remind you that Saint John of Jerusalem is not Saint John the Baptist, as so many confuse it on a regular basis. Based on our research, the core of our Order was established in the 7th century. The existence in different historical periods in different places in the Mediterranean was terminated in 1798 when Napoleon occupied Malta. The Knights immigrated to several countries and continued their activity in autonomous priories.

After the several Autonomous Priories of the Order of Saint John have decided to unite and to federate, more than 100 years ago between 1909 and 1911 in New York, a new name was decided by adding federation of the Autonomous Priories. The Head Offices of the Federation is in the State of New York of the United States of America and its executive offices are in Hungary / Budapest.
The whole article can be found here, by clicking on the following link:


2018: Knighthood Ceremony, 15-17 June 2018


Dear Dames and Knights,
Honourable Postulants and Guests,

please find attached the Preliminary Program of our forthcoming Knighthood Ceremony, which will be held between 15-17 June 2018 in Chateau Bela, Slovakia and in Budapest, Hungary.In the official program you can find all necessary information concerning this significant event – time schedule, side events, prices of accommodation and official meals – in case you wish to attend and invite some members of your family or guests.We kindly ask you to inform us until 31st May about your participation at the Ceremony and its side events (by sending the exact dates of your arrival and departure – flight schedule, names of the persons coming with you, as well as the number and type of hotel rooms you require in Chateau Bela, Slovakia for Friday night). The accommodation in Budapest should be booked by you and directly with the proposed hotel.We need to know about your presence as soon as possible for ordering the meals of the Official Gala Banquet and the Gala Ball.

Due to the large number of Postulants, we can only accept a few more for the June ceremony of investiture – in order of arrival, the rest of Postulants will remain for the autumn ceremony, taking place in Malta on the 4th November 2018.

Please feel free to contact us in case of doubts or questions.

Yours in St. John,
Erika Macsári

Lady Erika Macsári, DCM
Head of Chancery of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet

Phone: +36 1 214 1206
Cell: +36 30 2215 988
Goldmark Karoly u. 35.
H – 1122 Budapest, HUNGARY

13-04-2018 :Press Communiqué on the 12th April 2018 of the Magisterial See of the Knights of Malta (KMFAP)


Press Communiqué
12th April 2018

Magisterial See of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem
Knights of Malta Federation of the Autonomous Priories (KMFAP)

The Magisterial See was surprised to learn that some of the press organs in the Slovakian Republic are portraying us as a fake order and as frauds. We consider it necessary and justified to issue the following statement regarding these false accusations made by the press: The Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem Knights of Malta Federation of the Autonomous Priories (KMFAP) is a state without territory and in this capacity, it maintains bilateral diplomatic and/or consular relations with many UN Member States as a subject of international law. In order to carry out our diplomatic activities, we issue diplomatic passports, the use of which is strictly regulated in accordance to international practice. Our humanitarian activity is extensive and acknowledged in many countries of the world. Thus, in Slovakia, we also have an active Slovakian Grand Priory that has partaken and currently participates in the organization of several humanitarian actions.

False allegations threaten the future effectiveness of these humanitarian activities by journalists who seem to mislead the public through seemingly lacklustre knowledge of the facts and by distorting them. Although the “new papal institution” managed and funded by the Vatican (Italian Court verdict in 1955), SMOM cannot be regarded as the legitimate heir of the ancient order and is non-sovereign but its status as subject of international law – such as us the legal representant of the ancient order (Italian Court verdict in 1955), is indisputable, since they maintain diplomatic relations with several countries of the world.Over the last decades, a multitude of court judgments have clearly stated our international legality and sovereignty – in the European Union as well.

The elements of exercising our sovereignty are the maintenance of diplomatic ties, amongst others, the issuance of official documents, rights to decorate individuals, to issue currency and operation of various state institutions. Through our Ecumenical Council, we have excellent relationships with numerous religions. Our diplomatic activity has often been successful when traditional diplomacy has failed and it serves the peaceful coexistence of nations to maintain international peace and security. In a great deal of countries, we are successfully facilitating in the creation of significant investments and development projects. We are proud of the four thousand Knights and Dames, who come from more than sixty countries of the world and are distinctively well-respected representatives of the economy, sciences and arts as well as pioneers of social progress and development. Slovakia is a strong, proud and independent state in whose internal affairs we do not want to interfere in any form, but we do not tolerate our name being used for domestic political battles. For this reason, we call on all press organs concerned to adjust their claims, and if they fail to do so, we will be forced to take all the necessary legal actions.We are considering holding a press conference in Bratislava in the near future, where we present the true facts and are ready to respond to journalistic questions.

Magisterial See