Structure Netherlands

Counsellor for Femeraid an KMFAP Netherlands
H.G Prof. George Popper

Prior of the Netherlands
Director Femeraid Netherlands
Nico Waerts (KM)

Representative’s for Femeraid Security Texel/Mainland
Dame: Ilva TweeBeeke    IBSSA
Chevalier:Robert Zorge  IBSSA

Legal adviser
A. Smidt


Representative’s Femeraid Neherlands (Sports)
Chevalier: Werner Tewes (Germany)
Chevalier: Heinz Evelt (Germany)
Chevalier: Nico Waerts (Netherlands)

liaison Officer
Dame: Janny Vreugendehil

Representative’s for Healthcare and humanitarian aid Island Texel/Mainland (still in progress)

Representative’s for Culture and Arts. Texel/Mainland (still in progress)

Representative for Secretariat (still in progress)