General Information for candidates, Postulation period and Investiture Ceremony

The duration of the Postulation period must be at least thirty days, this is a time of spiritual preparation prior to the investiture of knighthood; a time of meditation for deepening and understanding the concept of chivalry; a moment of humility, so much needed to avoid in the future the imperfection of considering oneself superior to the other fellow human beings; a moment to develop the healthy sense of pride of belonging to an elite of good minded individuals in search of bettering our world of today and for securing the world of tomorrow.

At the conclusion of the Postulation period each Postulant is invited to attend to the assigned Official Ceremony of the Federation during which he/she receives the Investiture as Knight/Dame. The program of a Ceremony of Investiture usually comprises three days of activities.

When Postulants are invited to attend to a Ceremony of Investiture the Ceremonial Participation, Knighthood Credentials, Cape, Decoration, Insignia, Video and Photographic records of the Ceremony, Hotel, Banquets, Gala Ball, and City Transportation are paid by the Federation. A detailed Official Program Schedule, describing the above, is furnished to Postulants between two to three weeks prior to the celebration of a Ceremony of Investiture. Any expenses incurred by diversion from the Official Program are the sole responsibility of the Postulant.

Postulants wishing to have the company of a relative or friend during the celebration of their Ceremony of Investiture, may do so, providing that they may make the proper reservation and arrangements on due time. Ceremonial participation, Hotel, Meals and City Transportation expenses incurred by relatives or friends must be paid in advance. The Ministry of Home Affairs of The Federation, incharge of the organization of the Ceremony, will make all necessary efforts to maintain those expenses under the possible lowest price.