8-18-2016 (KMFAP) Important Notice of Knights of Malta regarding its admission procedure

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Dear Dames and Knights,

in order to avoid possible problems and misunderstandings hereby I inform you officially about the followings:
– the new candidates can pay the administrative charges and fees solely by wire transfer to the official bank account of KMFAP – this is the only way our Order accepts the payments. About the extent of due payments and the progress of the admission procedure the KMFAP Secretariat gives official information in all cases personally, or by e-mail, and confirms the receipt of payment!
I call on every Dame or Knight Candidate’s attention – that under any circumstances – NOT to pay higher amounts for the admission, and the amount to be paid should not be handed over to anyone else, nor the knight, or dame, who recommends you into the Order! Only in that way it can be avoided that – without the knowledge of the KMFAP Central Office – anyone pay higher than the official amount, moreover to unauthorized persons! I strongly ask everyone to respect and keep the official course of the admission process, and to take note of the above!

10th August 2016
H.G. Prof. George Popper
Lieutenant General

18-8-2016 IBSSA 15th SEC-tember international special security training seminar


IBSSA Headquarters will organise its 15th SEC-tember international special security training seminar for beginners and for advanced participants between 18 – 24 September 2016 in Budapest / HUNGARY with the support of the Law Enforcement Executive Training Institute of the Ministry of Interior (BM–KSZF), the Adyliget Law Enforcement College (ARSZKI), and also well-known and highly qualified international experts, Master Teachers and Instructors of our association.
After the 5-day training an official exam, the Award Ceremony and Gala Banquet will take place in Budapest.

Aim of the training seminar: Training CPOs for Executive Protection missions and team work with special regard to:

– Introduction to EP (basics, planning, laws, protocol, psychology, emergency plans)

– VIP Pro-Tec (VIP Protection Technology – defending the Principal)

– VIP Life saver (Tactical and Emergency care specifically under civil conditions)

– Security team leadership

– Being a team player – communication

– Various situational exercises to learn the protocol in everyday work (escorting, room clearing drills, field training)

– Advance operations (intelligence activities, surveillance)

– Formations / movements

– Vehicle drills – driving

– Combat shooting

– Assistance and action during damages caused by accidents.

More Info n.waerts@gmail.com