30-09-16 IBSSA/KDI Anti-Human Trafficking team (continuation)


The IBSSA Board of Directors, in association with KDI Protective Services, a division of Karl de la Guerra, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of our first International anti-Human Trafficking Project.
Under the leadership of Mr. Karl DelaGuerra – Country Representative of IBSSA for the USA – the Team KDI has assembled an elite team of subject matter experts, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, to provide global assistance in countering Human Trafficking, a crime recognized to be at an epidemic level within our society.

The anti-Human Trafficking team possesses the following expertise:
– Law Enforcement
– Private Security
– Private Investigations
– Community Relations
– Accounting (Certified Fraud Examiner)
– Legal
– Training & Curriculum Development
– Emergency Medicine
– Mental Health
– Information Technology

The mission statement of this elite team covers three primary areas in which they will operate: Education, Identification and Collaboration.
Globally, Human Trafficking has estimated annual revenue of $32 billion, or about $87 million a day. Law enforcement authorities, government agencies and others say that human trafficking is tied with arms dealing as the world’s second-largest criminal enterprise. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the lead agency in trafficking investigations in the United States, has estimated that 800,000 people are trafficked into sex and forced-labour situations throughout the world every year.
This project operates as a portal for all IBSSA members in the area of anti-Human Trafficking. “Our goal is to serve as a focal point for IBSSA members who wish to report suspicious acts or incidents of Human Trafficking.” – says Mr. DelaGuerra. He continues, “Our team is connected to an international network of agencies. We will access the information, then pass it along to private and/or public sector agencies, who will receive the reported information for further action. We will also provide vital education on this topic to organizations and community groups within our reach.”
Any IBSSA member interested in becoming involved in this project, please reach out to Karl and discuss your interest. He can be reached at: karl@teamKDI.com
The IBSSA International anti-Human Trafficking Project may be contacted via e-mail at